Creating eco-friendly systems as the new community culture of Keihanna Science City

Keihanna Science City established the Keihanna e2 (Ecology & Energy Conservation) Future City Project to continue the progress of the Keihanna Eco-City Promotion Project into the third-stage plan, and has promoted the creation of a sustainable model city through the integration of science, technology, life, and culture.

The Creation of the Keihanna e2 Future City

The smart, sophisticated and comfortable global model city, "Keihanna e2 Future City," will be developed through the active participation of citizens and the close collaboration between industry, academia and government. Using ICT effectively, the system to sustain stable energy supply to the surrounding region as well as a new comprehensive social service system, including health care, will be built in the city. We will also create a new business model, incorporating our allied technology and social systems, to encourage domestic and global investments into the city.


To Become "Energy Self-Sufficient Keihanna"

The Keihanna Science City is devoted to becoming an energy self-sufficient city "Energy Self-Sufficient Keihanna*" in the nearest future by implementing various strategies to sustain the stable supply of energy. These strategies include introducing an energy management system that uses ICT, cutting CO2 emissions in cooperation with energy consumers such as industries and local people, as well as using dispersed generation systems like renewable energy. *We will define a state in which our energy supply surpasses our demands as "Energy Self-Sufficient Keihanna." To accomplish this state, we will continue to develop a new energy-conservative society using ICT, as well as promoting a "smart community" by making the best use of the strengths of each district.

The Creation of the ICT- Based Smart, Sophisticated and Comfortable Lifestyle

The Keihanna Science City was selected as one of the "Next-Generation Energy and Social System Demonstration Projects" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. To establish the Keihanna model of smart grid (regional nano-grid), the city will carry out various experimental projects including the implementation of solar power and other renewable energies, introducing a large number of electric vehicles to the city, the "visualization" of energy consumptions by households, and the development of an optimal management system for households, buildings, electric vehicles and the whole region. Using these systems effectively, we aim to create a new smart and comfortable lifestyle for the city.

Building the Framework for the Strategic Development of New Industries

By applying the knowledge and accomplishments we have accumulated over the course of our research and experiments in the Keihanna Science City, we will help create new business models and distribute them within and outside Japan. We are building the framework for the strategic development of new industries with which we promote more investments into the city, enhance our industrial areas, and create more opportunities for industries to expand into overseas markets.