Keihanna R&D Innovation Consortium

Keihanna R&D Innovation Consortium was established as a forum for concrete cooperation and innovation creation among companies, research facilities, and universities.
The consortium has four ideals. First, promote industry, government, and academic cooperation. Second, provide a forum with working group activities for creating R&D joint projects. Third, provide a plan to protect the mutual interests of members by creating non-disclosure agreements with regard to the industry, government, and academic cooperation project that comes from the working group activities. And finally, place an emphasis on activities based on companies' needs for creating more business above all.


Keihanna R&D Innovation Consortium

RDMM Promotion Center

The RDMM Promotion Center is the hub organization for open innovation, research and development. RDMM is an acronym for Research and Development for Monodzukuri through Marketing. Activities of the center are listed below;

  • Providing platform for experiments by applying the system of "National Strategic Special Zone".
  • Increasing cost performance of R&D and speeding up commercialization with design thinking methodology
  • Accelerating open innovation under industry‐academia‐government cooperation with
  • Adjustment of interests and IP
    Providing various programs of global human resource development

innovation_02.pngRDMM Promotion Center

2018_06_fig02.pngToward the Future Traffic System
Providing "Keihanna Public road Experimental Platform (K-PEP)"

K-PEP is the first mutually usable public road experimental platform in Japan with participants of Keihanna residents.
RDMM Promotion Center provides one-stop support for demonstration experiments, including the coordination with local residents and administrative agencies such as the police department and local government.

  • Available to the members of Keihanna R&D Innovation Consortium
  • Use of the facilities billed at actual cost

Global Research Complex project for creation of 'Meta-Comfort' smart society via i-Brain×ICT

Currently people prefer spiritual richness to having lots of things

At the Keihanna Research Complex we have taken our abundance of i-Brain (brain and human science technologies) research results and advanced ICT (Information Communications Technologies) to promote progress in tackling areas in brain science in which AI is not yet fully understood or utilized. Simultaneously, we focus on social affluence, which grows through peace, vitality, and sympathy, and enact new "meta-comfort" technologies and services, and create the next generation smart city under certain social systems where such innovations are promoted in sustainable manners
(calling it as "innovation eco-system").
This program has been adopted as one of the nationwide programs in three regions in Japan, "The World-class R&D and Verification Experiments (Research Complex) Promotion Program implemented by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). With its vision to realize the concept of an ideal community and social values in 5 and 10 years shared by the members of industry, academia, government, and financial institutions, this program was developed to grow and extend the research complex as the foundation for the promotion of innovation to deploy cutting-edge research and development, commercialization of achievements, and human resource development in an integrated and unified manner.


(Laboratory for quantitatively and objectively measuring the movement of heart and mind of people as "meta-comfort" by combining five sensory elements such as air conditioning / lighting / video / sound / aroma and leading it to commercialization.)

Keihanna Research Complex project