Kansai Science City Construction Promotion Conference

Established: March 15, 1983
Main Business: (1) Demand activities and public relations activities
(2) Attraction of cultural and scientific research facilities, etc.
Chairman: Masayoshi Matsumoto (Chairman of Kansai Economic Federation)
Representatives: 9 members (The chairman of the Kansai Economic Federation, governors of 3 prefectures, presidents of 3 chambers of commerce, president of the Kansai Research Institute and an academic expert)

Public Foundation of Kansai Research Institute

Public corporation established for the purpose of promoting construction of the science city

Established: June 19, 1986
President: Atsushi Horiba (Vice-Chairman of Kansai Economic Federation)
Executive Managing Director: Tomoaki Kawai
Directors: 14 board members appointed from 3 prefectures, related economic organizations, enterprises stakeholders, etc.