Kansai Science City Construction Promotion Conference

Established: March 15, 1983
Main Business: (1)Demand activities and public relations activities
(2)Attraction of cultural and scientific research facilities, etc.
Chairman: Shosuke Mori (Chairman of Kansai Economic Federation)
Representatives: The chairman of the Kansai Economic Federation, governors of 3 prefectures, presidents of 3 chambers of commerce,president of the Kansai Research Institute and an academic expert (9 in total)
Secretariat: Public Foundation of Kansai Research Institute

Public Foundation of Kansai Research Institute

Public corporation established for the purpose of promoting construction of the science city

Established: June 19, 1986
Number of Directors: 15
President: Yasuo Kashihara (Vice-Chairman of Kansai Economic Federation)
Executive Managing Director: Hiroshi Seto
Directors: Individuals related to 3 prefectures, economic associations and enterprises