The research on the "future image of the world" through cross-cutting collaboration between natural sciences and humanities / social sciences is being developed. The academic research toward a sustainable society, including environment / energy, population / food / water issues and medical and brain science is also being developed.

We promote education and learning programs that allow people to enjoy various kinds of "wisdom", and have created an environment where culture, academia, and science can be considered familiar to daily life and work.
Furthermore, by taking advantage of the concentration of various facilities, human resource development is being promoted through collaboration between research and educational institutions and companies.

The Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library provides a vast amount of information resources that support these cultural activities and, as a core institution that serves as the intellectual hub of Keihanna Science City, the International Institute for Advanced Studies carries out various exchange activities to widely disseminate and return research results and intellectual resources to society.

International Institute for Advaced Studies

Beyond boundaries Interdisciplinary studies Regional cooperation Human resource development

Since its founding in 1984, the International Institute for Advanced Studies has been working under the basic principle to "conduct research what should be researched for the future and happiness of mankind." With the aim of realizing a sustainable society, we practice to identify what are the fundamental issues facing mankind, and to explore and present the direction of solutions to these issues. In addition to
research aimed at contributing to the development of the science city area, we also conduct a variety of
exchange programs in cooperation not only with academia but also with industry, local municipalities, and residents, contributing to the realization of a safe, reliable, and prosperous society.

Research Group on "Science and Technology in Consideration of the Global Community in the Future"
IIAS Academi Camp: Junior Seminar for Students

Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library

Research library Digital library Information on science and technology Information on Asia

The Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library is a large-scale research library that makes available a wide range of information in support of innovation at Keihanna Science City.
Domestic and foreign books, magazines, newspapers, databases, and electronic journals are available for browsing in the large reading room and study room.
Patrons may also request copies of library materials or browse digital materials via the Internet.
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Reading Room
National Diet Library Digital Collections