Universities in Keihanna Science City are actively developing regional collaboration with research institutes, companies, local governments, and residents. The universities also holds annual public lectures in collaboration with the National Diet Library under the keyword "Delivering wisdom from Keihanna".

Osaka Electro-Communication University (Shijonawate Campus)

Information education Sports Games ICT Community contribution

In April 2025, the current Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences will be reorganized and developed to establish the Faculty of Health Informatics* (Course of Biomedical Engineering*/Course of Physiotherapy*/Course of Sport Sciences*). Together with the Faculty of Information Studies (Digital Game Department/Game & Media Department/Information Department), we are developing human resources who can play an active role in the coming Society 5.0 society.

※Tentative name/installation plan in progress


Experimental Farm, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

'Next-generation' agricultural technology 'Green energy' farm

The Experimental farm of Kyoto University (Kizu Farmstead) with a site area of 24.6ha is equipped with the latest facilities and equipment, which are used to carry out agricultural education and research and to produce agricultural products. Also, as a base for the development and demonstration of the 'Next-generation' agricultural technology that creates a prosperous future, we aim to build an agricultural production model "Green Energy Farm" that simultaneously produces renewable energy and agricultural production.


Kyoto Prefectural University (Seika Campus)
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Farm / Industry-Academia-Government
Collaboration Research Hub Facility

Bioscience Regional contribution Industry-academia cooperation

It consists of two areas: "Industry-Academia-Public Collaboration Research Center Facility Area" and "Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Farm". The total site area is approximately 16 hectares, and "Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences Farm'' promotes practical training for students and the advancement of research. "Industry-Academia-Public Collaboration Research Center Facility Area" serves as a research base for industry-academia-public collaboration, and is engaged in joint research related to plants, environment, medicine, etc., as well as the creation of university-originated ventures and new industries, and the accumulation of companies.

Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences Farm
Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Research Hub Facility

Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts

Education Pharmacy and nursing Social studies Arts and design Global communication

Established in 1986, the Kyotanabe Campus has four faculties with approximately 4,200 students which include the Faculty of Liberal Arts, the Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Faculty of Nursing. Together with the Imadegawa Campus located on the north side of the Kyoto Imperial Palace in Kyoto City, we aim for further development as a comprehensive university for women with 6 faculties, 11 departments, 1 advanced course, and 5 graduate schools.

The Symbol of Kyotanabe Campus, Yuwakan

Doshisha University
(Kyotanabe Campus・Gakken Toshi Campus)

Science and engineering Life science Data science Sports Language and culture

The Kyotanabe Campus is equipped with state-of-the-art experimental facilities and equipment, information and education facilities, as well as a sports environment.
Research activities centering on medical-engineering collaboration are being conducted at the Gakken Toshi Campus.

Gakken Toshi Campus / Kyotanabe Campus

Naragakuen University 

Human education Health science Nursing Rehabilitation 

Naragakuen University integrated the Sango and Tomigaoka campuses into the Tomigaoka Campus with the aim of improving the quality of its educational content and further development.
With the integration of the campuses, we will improve the learning environment and focus on the further education of "human power".


Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

Information science Biological science Materials science

In addition to research in the established academic fields of information science, biological science, and materials science, proactive efforts in these fields' interdisciplinary areas make it possible to generate international-level research results that will create the next generation of our society. Through advanced education based on these results, human resources who pursue science and technology with high aspirations as well as researchers who play leading roles in the international community are trained, contributing to the progress of science and technology and the development of society.


The university in close cooperation with Keihanna

Nara Medical University

MBT Overcoming intractable diseases Overcoming COVID-19

We have expanded community development based on Medicine, MBT(Medicine-Based Town) structure.
We aim to contribute to society based on medical science by applying a vast store of knowledge of doctors, nurses, and others not only to the treatment of patients, but also to medically proper products, housing, and everything related to community development.
In order to accelerate the realization of MBT structure, General Incorporated Association MBT Consortium was established by centering around Nara Medical University. At present, there are nearly 200 representative companies from all the industries in various fields in Japan participating in it.


Nara Women's University

Female top educational institution Gender equality Knowledge hub Female leader development

We conduct advanced research to create culture and science through academic research, and education to nurture female human resources who will lead the next generation. In 2022, the first Faculty of Engineering was established at a women's university to produce the creative engineers needed by society. With a mission to expand opportunities for women to play an active role, we will walk at the forefront of the era of women's success in cooperation with related organizations and communities.