30 Years Achievement of Keihanna Science City

ロゴ画像_スミベタ.pngThrough cluster-type development, citizens and facilities have gathered.
Wide range of networks by various entities have been born and it is about tobloom as the city creating frontier value.

Regarding to" Tsukuba; the East" clustering and placing national organizations and academia, our city called"Keihanna; the West"has 3 characteristics; ① Development of the cooperative frameworks among industries, academia, government and citizens ② Cluster-type development along with the current affairs and business matureness ③ Complex city development between cultural and scientific facilities and local residents 30 years later enactment of Keihanna Science City Construction Promotion Act in 1987, the city has advanced step by step with the number of facilities counting over 130, and city population is reaching to about 250 thousands as the result of our urban plan activating these characteristics. The time has come, the city thrives as creating frontier value with these facilities and citizens residing and blessing the benefit in the same city.

The Plan For Creating New City ~ The aspect Keihanna Science City aims ~

Keihanna Science City lying across 3 prefectures is about going up to the next stage enhancing city's presence in the world on featuring the powerful characteristic with lots of integrated parties and their diversity, proceeding construction of new facilities and city development, deepening networks with the relevant districts and parties, and playing the role as the cultural and scientific research town.
Based on this recognition and the purpose creating new city, this plan shows basic ideas about our vision for creating new city.
① Creating city under sustainable high-leveled urban management to activate and to interact our characteristics with various clusters
② Realizing an unexperienced new urban plan

4 Challenges to realize our Future Vision

Keihanna Science City's Conference for creating new city

Promoting the Creation of a Sustainable Model City