Significance and Philosophy of the Cityʼs Construction

  1. Creating a base for new developments in culture, science and research
  2. Contributing to the development of culture, science and research in Japan and across the world, as well as to the development of the national economy
  3. Foundation of a wisdom-creating city that pioneers the future

As various issues surrounding global human survival begin to arise in this present day in age, we need to pursue even further cultural and scientific studies concentrating on how to make sustainable societies a reality. The Keihanna Science City was constructed as a research space that focuses on subjects such as global environmental studies; cultural and scientific studies by combining the natural, cultural and social sciences; and various other studies that always keep ahead of the times.

Features of City Construction

■ The Active Involvement of the Private Sector /

To undergo the development of the Keihanna Science City successfully, the effective collaboration between the citizens and private sectors in the academic, industrial, and administrative fields is essential. This project uses "private sector vitality" as much as possible by assigning each sector roles and functions that make the best use of their strengths.

■ The Cluster-type Development /

In order to promote the balance of environmentally friendly development among the existing cities and towns, as well as the forestry, agricultural fields, and the natural environment, the Keihanna Science City employed a cluster-type development plan in which 12 cultural and scientific research districts are scattered - much like a cluster of grapes. The city also attempts to unify the entire city by assigning each district urban functions that take advantage of their strengths.

To prevent wasteful investments and unexpected major changes in development plans, we begin working on each district only when they fulfill all necessary conditions for development. This enables us to carry out the development in phases exactly as planned.

■ Development with a Fusion between Housing and the Cultural and Scientific Facilities /

The Keihanna Science City construction involves the development of the cultural and scientific facilities along with the residential areas. We aim to construct a fascinating city with a remarkable fusion of academic space and living environment by taking advantage of the convenience of a large city with many residents. In such a city, the collaborative research between institutions and citizens are made possible by asking citizens to participate in scientific studies and demonstrations.