Significance and Philosophy of the Cityʼs Construction

  • Creating a base for new developments in culture, science and research
  • Contributing to the development of culture, science and research in Japan and across the world, as well as to the development of the national economy
  • Foundation of a wisdom-creating city that pioneers the future

As various issues surrounding global human survival begin to arise in this present day in age, we need to pursue even further cultural and scientific studies concentrating on how to make sustainable societies a reality. The Keihanna Science City was constructed as a research space that focuses on subjects such as global environmental studies; cultural and scientific studies by combining the natural, cultural and social sciences; and various other studies that always keep ahead of the times.

Features of City Construction

Utilization of Private Sector Vitality

In the city construction, we will make maximum use of the vitality of the private sector, based on cooperation among various
fields such academia, industry, government, and residents. We will advance city development with appropriate cooperation and
role-sharing among various fields.

Cluster Type Development

The 12 cultural and academic research districts will be distributed like a cluster of grapes, and development will be promoted in
congruence with the conservation of the natural environment, pre-existing urban areas, and agriculture and forestry. Additionally,
urban functions will be shared in accordance with the characteristics of each district to harmonize the city as a whole. By
proceeding with development sequentially, commencing with areas where the conditions for urban development are in place, we
can avoid excessive prior investments and major changes in plans, and development can be carried out systematically in stages.

Composite Development of Research Facilities and Residencies

The development will include not only cultural and academic research facilities but also residential areas, aiming to create a
complex city that combines academia and (lifestyle) culture. It will be possible to create a lively and attractive urban environment
that is rooted in the lives of the residents, as well as to conduct specified demonstration experiments and evaluations with their

Establishment of a Global Open Innovation Hub

Japan's economic power is relatively declining in the international community due to intensifying global competition. To break
through the current situation, we will build a system based on open innovation to quickly and reliably connect research and
development investments to industrialization and increase GDP.