Enterprises in various fields, many kinds of universities and various research institutes are integrated in Keihanna Science City. The objectives of the city are "to lead the knowledge and industries in the world" and "to create innovation sustainably". For the above objectives, we promote creations of new business and industries utilizing cutting edge science and technologies in the city in cooperation with industries, government, universities and the other science cities. The city also has a wider range of research and industrial areas.
The city has strong international network among companies, research institutes and universities in the world and strong global communication channels. International interactions among researchers are also very active.
We will aim for the creation of new industries from Keihanna in the areas of information and communication, environment and energy, medical and biotechnology utilizing integration of knowledges and the potential of the city for exiting innovation.

Creation of innovations and industrial development


  • In Keihanna Science City, various institutions and organizations are providing detailed hands-on supports to small and medium sized enterprises and venture companies. They are also promoting industrial development based on the innovative research and development.
  • We are working on the establishment of sustainable innovation schemes based on open innovation such as "RDMM promotion center" and the "Keihanna Research Complex".