Industries, universities, and laboratories of various fields and scales reside in the Keihanna Science City. The cityʼs missions are "to lead global knowledge and industries" and "to continuously stimulate the world with new innovations" by taking advantage of these facilities. To fulfill these missions, we are devoted to creating new businesses and industries by making the best use of our knowledge and technologies accumulated through our cutting-edge research and development. This also calls for the effective collaboration between industry, academia, and government, as well as the cooperation with various research centers and local industries outside the city. In todayʼs global world, many researchers, businesses, and research institutions around the world are accessing the city. To further promote global access,we extended our research areas, enhanced our global communication channels, and improved our transportation systems by expanding the bus services, and repairing and construction of roads. With the Keihanna Open Innovation Center (KICK) beginning its full operation, our new "open innovation" project has started to back up the cityʼs promotion of innovative projects.

We will continue to grow like our innovation cluster by promoting the collaboration between the cityʼs research faculties in the "information and communication,""environment and energy,""health care," and "biotechnology" fields and fully realizing their potential. We will be the creators of the new Keihanna businesses and industries.