Not only large corporations, national research institutes and universities,many small and medium-sized startup companies are located in Keihanna Science City.
Several incubation and support facilities have been set up to support new companies in their startup and growth.

Keihanna Open Innovation Center @KYOTO (KICK)

Keihanna Robot Technology Center PoC (proof of concept) base 
Rental research space 5G base station Convention facility

The "Keihanna Open Innovation Center (KICK)" is an open innovation hub that supports advanced research and development in the fields of health and medicine, energy and ICT, agriculture, and culture and education, with the collaboration of KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21 and Kyoto Prefecture.


PoC (Proof of Concept) Center, KICK (PoC-K)

Using KICK's indoor Keihanna Robotics Engineering Center, outdoor sites such as the circular road, and 5G (5th generation) base stations, we provide comprehensive support for PoC (Proof of Concept) demonstrations through technology development and experiments with robots and drones, automated driving experiments, as well as the Meta-Comfort Lab (MC-Lab) and 3D printers, and Fab Space where laser cutting machines, etc. can be used.


Keihanna Robotics Engineering Center

Equipped with robots for research and development and positioning equipment, the Keihanna Robotics Engineering Center supports the development and introduction of various next-generation robot technologies that contribute to improving our lives and productivity, including autonomous robot systems, human-robot systems, and robot-robot coordinate systems.


5G Base Stations

There are two 5G (5th generation) base stations located outdoors and one inside the Keihanna Robotics Engineering Center, enabling demonstration experiments for the development of products using 5G technology.


Meta-Comfort Lab (MC-Lab)

The MC-Lab is supplied with equipment that integrally controls information that affects the five senses, such as air conditioning (temperature and humidity), lighting, scenery from the windows, video, sound, and aroma, and enable data analysis of human psychological, behavioral, and biological information to support future commercialization.


Fab (Fabrication) Space

By renting out 3D printers, laser processing machines, CNC milling machines, etc., this space will serve as a hub for prototype production and development for manufacturing companies.


Keihanna interaction PlazaKeihanna Plaza Hotel

Research spaces and labs Startup support Conference rooms Hotel Conventions

Keihanna Plaza, a composite facility for promoting cultural/academic exchange and research, consists of leasing offices including for startups, a hall that can accommodate 1000 people, conference halls, and a hotel. We support the business of tenant companies, invite conventions concerning cultural and academic research, and hold events.
It can also be used for exhibitions, seminars, networking events, and accommodation trainings.


Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)

Research and business development Global collaboration
Support and entrepreneurship support Open innovation promotion

We are working to build a global innovation ecosystem in Keihanna Science City through brain imaging research support services including MRI imaging and consulting by ATR-Promotions, promoting research and business development by opening the wireless research environment to public and providing consulting services, support for accepting researchers and interns from other countries by leveraging our extensive experience and achievements, implementation of support programs for startups in Japan and overseas, support for project creation to solve challenges of companies and other entities through open innovation and operation of coworking spaces.

Anechoic Chamber
KGAP+ Group Photo

Doshisha Center for the Promotion of Venture Business

entrepreneurship second founding industy-academia collaboration regional exchange manufacturing and engineer exchange space

D-egg is an incubation facility operated by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan (SME) in cooperation with Kyoto Prefecture and Kyotanabe City at Doshisha University's Kyotanabe Campus. Residents of this facility will receive various subsidies from Kyotanabe City, as well as extensive support for overall management from the incubation manager stationed here.

Kyotanabe Monozukuri Workshop D-fab

Takayama Science Plaza

Support for education and research Industry-academia collaboration Community activities Science Offices for rent

This activity base is operated by the Foundation for Nara Institute of Science and Technology so as to provide assistance to NAIST, industry-academia cooperation and regional interactions. It also encourages children's curiosity for science through participating in "Science Experiment Class", "Science Land", etc.

Children's Science Square