AIJ Innovation Platform is aiming at collaborative global innovation and industrialization toward SDGs among innovation hubs and science cities of ASEAN, IORA and Japan.

For the prosperity of the Asian society and economy in the future, the platform is necessary which promotes the international mutual cooperation among companies, universities, research institutes and economic organizations in Asian countries based on the science cities' scheme as the "Hub of Collaboration" in each country.

The platform promotes collaborative global innovation and industrialization with two main schemes listed below.

(1) International mutual exchange programs of researchers, engineers and students:

  • Mutual exchange programs towards human resource development in the field of R&D and Industrialization
  • The programs based on Science Cities/Parks of ASEAN, IORA and Keihanna Japan

(2) International mutual utilization of science cities in each country for innovations and new business creation:

  • attracting private companies, universities and national research institutions of ASEAN and IORA to Keihanna Science City and vice versa for promoting cooperative R&D and industrialization
  • mutual utilization of the science cities and which facilities of ASEAN, IORA and Keihanna Japan for prototyping in the pilot plant, test marketing and new business creation

The platform will also increase the values of Science Cities/Parks in each country and eventually will contribute to so-called UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals by United Nation).

As of January 2019, members of the platform are listed below.

<Main members>

  • Thailand :Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University (CMU STeP) and Northern Science Park(NSP)
  • Indonesia :Indonesia Institute of Science(LIPI)
  • Taiwan :National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
  • Malaysia :Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT)
  • Vietnam :Vietnam Academy of Science
  • Singapore :ST Engineering

<Will be members in near future>

  • Brunei
  • Australia

<Related collaborating organizations

  • Canada  :Québec Laval University/JRUus
  • Belgium  :imec