Global Research Complex project for creation of 'Meta-Comfort' smart society via i-Brain×ICT

Currently people prefer spiritual richness to having lots of things

This project promotes to implement Keihanna innovation ecosystem which leads people's emotion, vitality and empathy via new technology and new business. Global Research Complex project for creation of 'Meta-Comfort' smart society via i-Brain x ICT represented by Keihanna Research Institute with local government of Kyoto, Nara and Osaka, along with over 30 institutes consist of universities, research institutes and companies, was selected as world -class Research Complex program by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) in September 2016.

Integrated research and development in different fields


Human Resource Development
-Raising Producers-

  • Integration the Keihanna area to create a virtual campus
  • Use this location to raise producers who will create and purse their own projects
  • These human resources will fan out and create opportunities for self-study, interaction with new people, and become an area filled with business opportunities

Business Enterprise Support - Innovation Hub Activities

  • Co-creation type of project
    ・Business enterprise support for existing companies
    ・Business enterprise support for venture companies
    ・Expanding to the world (Globalization)
  • Make use of the great infrastructure in Keihanna and its enhancement
    ・Use of KICK (Keihanna Open Innovation Center)
    ・Enhancing infrastructure for support of ventures, shared use of research facilities


Keihanna Research Complex project